December 1998’s Block was a 9 inch variation of “Lady of the Lake”

The finished block measures 9 inches square (1/2 inches unfinished).

Instructions:  Use rich reds, with a beige or taupe background.

Use good quality, 100% cotton fabrics and prewash your fabrics.

Lady of the Lake
  1. From a rich blue red and a beige/taupe, cut a 7 5/8 inch square diagonally to form a triangle.

  2. Cut one 2 3/4 inch square from the beige/taupe fabric.

  3. Cut three 3 1/8 inch squares from a rich blue red and a beige/taupe.

  4. Cut the 3 1/8 inch squares diagonally to form triangles.

  1. Make 6 squares by sewing a light triangle to a red triangle along their long edges.
  1. Join these squares in groups of three.
  2. Add the light square, as shown, to one of the strips.
  1. Add joined squares to the 7 1/4 inch square, making sure that they are placed as shown.
Your completed block will measure 9 1/2 inches.
Nine inches after sewn into a quilt!
These blocks can be used to make a quilt such as the “Lady of the Lake” shown on page 85 of The Quilter’s Album of Block & Borders, by Jinny Beyer, or combined into larger blocks.  This illustrates options of the Barrister's Block and Kansas Troubles.

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