Friendship Links Block

March 2003’s block is the "Friendship Links"

The block measures 15 inches square.  (15 ½ X 15 ½ inches unfinished)   

Instructions:  Use good quality, 100% cotton pre-washed fabrics


1.                    squares     
2.                 sandwiched squares
3.   assemble corner sections      

4.   long center section
5.   assembled center row

6.       assemble center section

7.      assemble block

8.                   finished block

Choose a dark green and bright yellow fabric for the links and a white-on-white fabric for the background.  The colored fabrics can be print or tone-on-tone but should give a definite green and yellow feel.

Cutting instructions:

    1.  From the green fabric, cut six 2 5/8 inch squares and four 2 5/8 x 4 3/4 inch rectangles.

    2.  From the yellow fabric, cut two 2 5/8 inch squares, two 2 5/8 x 4 3/4 inch rectangles,
    and two 2 5/8 x 9 inch strips.

3.  From the background fabric, cut five 2 5/8 inch squares

          4.  Also from the background fabric, cut two 5 3/8 inch squares.  Cut each in half diagonally to make a total of 4 half-square triangles which will be used in the corners of the block.  Then cut one 7 1/4 inch square.  Cut this square into quarters by cutting diagonally twice to make 4 quarter-square triangles to use for the insets.

Assembly instructions:

1.  Using a 1/4-inch seam allowance, sew together two of the green squares to two of the white squares to form 2 pairs. (See graphic 1)  Press to the dark side.

2.  To each of the pairs, add two green rectangles--one on either side of the pair.  
(See graphic 2)  Press toward the rectangles.

3.  Attach two of the quarter-square triangles to either side of the green & white blocks made in the previous steps.  Be sure to sew the short side of the triangles to the long sides of the rectangles in such a way that it makes a "boat" with a green pieces forming a "U".
(see graphic 3)  Sew the long side of one of the half-square triangles to each green "boat bottom".


    4.  Sew together a yellow rectangle, a green square, and a yellow strip to form a strip like that in graphic 4.  Repeat for a second identical strip.

    5.  Referring to graphic 5, lay out the yellow squares, the three remaining white squares, and the two remaining green squares and sew together to form a multi-colored strip like that in graphic 5.

    6.  Sew together the three strips from steps 4 & 5 to make the center, yellow link.  (see Graphic 6). Once the link is assemble, attach the remaining two quarter-square triangles to the ends of the center section sewing the long end of the triangles to the short ends of the center section.

    7.   Finally, refer to graphic 7 to assemble the three sections into a finished block.

Your completed unfinished block will measure 15 ½ inches.  Be sure to leave the seam allowance on the block.  DO NOT cut it to the 15-inch finished size -- as the "finished" measurement represents the block size after it is sewn into a quilt top.

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