Roman Square Block

June 2002’s block is a Roman Square.

Instructions:  Use good quality, 100% cotton pre-washed fabrics.

Your completed unfinished block will measure 12 inches.


1.   dark primary strip
      Medium primary strip
      light primary strip

2.   kid's print

3.   striped square assembly     assembled stripe square

4.  Roman square block assembly
Choose a bright kid's fabric and 3 primary-colored fabrics. (kid's red, green, blue, or yellow).  The block looks good if there is a dark, medium, and light shade.  They can be solid, "looks like solid", or a print that coordinates well with the center fabric.

    1.  Cut one strip 16 inches long and 5 inches wide from each of the three primary fabrics. 
    (see graphic 1)  Cut each strip at 1 7/8 inch intervals to form eight smaller strips of 1 7/8 inches by 5 inches for each color.  There will be a small amount left as a buffer... throw it away.

    2.  Cut one 4 1/2 inch square from the kid's print.  (see graphic 2)

    3.  Assemble the 3 colored strips into squares by sewing the long edges of the dark, medium, and light colored strips together in that order using a 1/4 inch seam allowance. Press to the darker sides and trim the blocks to a 4 1/2 inch square. You will end up with eight striped squares.  (see graphic 3)

    4.   Assemble block together refering to graphic 4.  Sew the three rows together first and then sew the rows together into a block.  Pin well where corners meet before sewing to ensure those "perfect" intersections.


Your completed unfinished block will measure 12 ½ inches.

Twelve inches after sewn into a quilt!

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