May 2001ís block is a traditional Album block.

The block measures 12 inches square.  (12½ inches unfinished).  This block is a traditional album block using civil war reproduction fabrics as the theme.  The unifying element is the pink cross in the middle.

Instructions:  Use good quality, 100% cotton pre-washed fabrics.  Follow the instructions below for each block.










    Choose 1 pink reproduction fabric and 4 other reproduction fabrics in civil war colors. (i.e. burgundy, navy blue, gray, white, and slate blue).

    1. Cut 2 pink 2 5/8 inch squares.  Cut 4 more 2 5/8 squares out of 2 of the other fabrics (gray and burgundy in my example).

    2. Cut 1 pink rectangle 2 5/8 inches by 6 7/8 inches.  Cut 4 more rectangles the same size from one of your other fabrics (white in my example).

    3. From the last fabric selection,  cut 3 squares 4 1/4 inches each.  Cut each square diagonally twice to form 12 quarter-square traingles.  (see graphic 3)

    4. From the same fabric,  cut 2 squares 1 7/8 inches each.  Cut each square diagonally once to form 4 half-square traingles.  (see graphic 4)

    5. Sew 2 gray squares to each pink square to form 2 rectangles.  Sew the long sides of these 2 rectangles to either side of the pink rectangle to form the pink cross.  (see graphic 5)

    6. Sew 2 of the white rectangels to either side of the pink cross.  (see graphic 6)

    7.  Sew 2 of the quarter-square triangles to either side of each burgundy square to make 4 rows like are pictured in graphic 7.

    8.  Attach one of the half square triangles to the top of each row made in step 7.  (see graphic 8)

    9.  Sew 2 of the quarter-square triangels to either side of the 2 remaining rectangles to form 2 rows like that pictured in graphic 9. 

    10.  Attach 2 of the burgundy and blue triangles from step 8 to 2 of the rows created in step 9 to form a large triangle.  (see graphic 10)

    11.  Assemble the remainder of the block as pictured in graphics 11 & 12.

    Your completed unfinished block will measure 12 ½ inches.

Twelve inches after sewn into a quilt!

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