February 2000s block was a Jack in the Box.

The finished block measures 12 1/2 inches square.
(13 inches unfinished).

Instructions:  Use good quality, 100% cotton prewashed fabrics.

  1. Cut a three inch square from a medium blue.
  2. Cut eight 3 3/8 inch squares from the medium blue.
  3. Cut four 3 by 5 1/2 inch rectangles from a contrasting blue.
  4. Cut four 3 by 6 1/4 inch rectangles from a white-on-white.
  5. Cut two 4 3/8 inch squares from the white-on-white.
  6. Cut the 4 3/8 inch white-on-white squares on the diagonal to form four triangles.
Block of the Month

  1. Draw a diagonal line on the medium blue 3 3/8 inch squares; then line them up along the edges of the white-on-white rectangles, as shown.*
  2. Sew 1/4 inch INSIDE the line you drew; then cut along the drawn line.  Save the blue triangles you cut off for use in step 9.
  1. Sew the long side of a medium triangle to the short sides of each white-on-white triangle.  Press the seam toward the blue.
  2. Piece the units together following the diagram below.


Your completed block will measure 13 inches.
Twelve and one-half inches after sewn into a quilt!

*An alternative way of cutting the parallel pieces in Step 7 is to cut a strip of white-on-white fabric three inches wide.  Using an angled ruler with a 45 marking on it, cut the angle on one side.  Then cut 2 1/4 strips as shown in the drawing below.

The medium blue squares cut in Step 2 would then be cut on the diagonal into 16 triangles and used as shown.


Image   Image

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