Welcome to the Block-of-the-Month contest web site.  Unfortunately, we no longer run the contest that used to be a monthly event.  However, as a tribute to those who faithfully participated over the past 10 years, I have kept this site posted with all the past blocks that have been used along with their directions.  We hope you enjoy the patterns and can be inspired by the gallery of finished blocks that have been made by fellow quilters.  Blessings to All and Happy Quilting!!











All graphics on this page are created by me using a registered copy of Paint Shop Pro 4 by Jasc Software, Inc.   No graphics are copied straight from other sites.  The instructions are written in my words using general instructions that are common to the quilting world.  The blocks themselves are often centuries old and can be found in many books and quilt encyclopedias and even on your grandmother's bed.  If the person choosing the block for a month has seen a certain color scheme for that block or quilt somewhere else, we will try our best to give credit where credit is due and reference the book or web-site the idea came from.  Any further questions about copyright issues, please email me at SewQuilty@juno.com .

Sue’s “Block of the Month” made it’s web debut in September of 1995.  For two years, Sue kept track of the blocks made and sent the names to a previous winner to draw for the current winner.  On Sue’s September 1997 page, she stated that she wanted to “retire” as the BOM hostess.

When Sue asked for someone to continue the “Block of the Month” pages, Pam volunteered, and has been hostessing this page for the past three years.  Thank you Pam for your faithfulness and hard work.

My name is Deedee.  My husband Jim (the computer wizard) and I  “babysat” the Block-of-the-Month web page for Pam over the winter of 2001.  In the spring, we became the permanent host & hostess for the site.  If you are new to our world-wide community of quilters, Welcome, enjoy yourself, and share your creativity with us.